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Own a Pony

                                                                                   alt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Own a Pony for a Week. Your child comes Monday till Friday, 10am to 4pm and learns everything involved in owning a pony.

Should the occasion ever arise to do so.  We will adapt our criteria so that regardless of the child,s age or ability.

They will learn more than coming weekly for 3 months. The social aspect of being with other children is rewarding.  Also the self esteem, which they will acquire from a week, is also beneficial.

The children will have 4 hours of riding lessons and play gymkhana games (on horse back) on a Friday.

Own a Pony is £140.00 per week.

Please provide your child with a Packed Lunch or our Snack Van is open if you wish your child to purchase a warm lunch.

A variety of  topics are covered during the day which include the following:

FeedingPoints of the Horse
GroomingTacking Up
Mucking OutQuiz
Parts of TackDifferent Breeds of Horses


Spaces are limited so check our EVENT CALENDAR for upcoming dates and contact us to book early and avoid disappointment.

Please note that an Event Registration Form must be completed and a £20.00  deposit required to secure placement.