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We are a B.H.S approved Riding School and Livery Yard.

Owning a horse is one of the most liberating feelings possible. The bond that forms between you and your horse can be profound and life-changing. However, horses demand a huge commitment in terms of time and effort to look after them properly, exercise, feeding, grazing and stable management all form part of that commitment. During the summer months, this can be an absolute pleasure, with the sun shining and clear skies above. But in winter, when it's dark and blowing a gale with horizontal rain, it's quite the opposite. So why not let us look after your horse for you. We offer a range of livery options, depending on your budget and how involved in your horse's welfare you want to be. Full livery means we do everything; muck and skip out your horses stable, arrange all it's feed and exercise it Seven days a week.  We also offer working livery, where if appropriate, we use your horse in our lessons  2 hours per day six days per week  we attend your horse by mucking out and  feeding.  


       Ab-Lib Haylage. Bring in for vet, blacksmith and dentist. Bedding straw/shavings/paper, light grooming. Full use of all facilities. Rugs put on &removed. Storage space provided.

Below 12.1hh  £90.00

12.2hh-13.2hh £100.00

13.2hh- 14.2hh £110.00  

14.2hh-15.2hh £120.00

15.2hh-16.2hh £125.00




      Staff will attend for Vet, Blacksmith and Dentist. Full use of facilities. Storage facilities. Feed Breakfast and Lunch.                                                                                                                     

£165.00per calendar month.


      Ab-Lib haylage. Bring in for vet, blacksmith and dentist. Bedding straw/shavings/paper. Light grooming. Full use of facilities. Rugs put on & removed. Ridden 2 hours per day six days per week.

Under 12.2hh £50.00

12.2hh-13.2hh £55.00

13.2hh-14.2hh £57.50

14.2hh-15.2hh £60.00

15.2hh-16.2hh £65.00

16.2hh and over £80.00



At Roundknowe Farm, we bed our horses on straw. paper or shavings in weather-proof stables, we muck out every morning and skip out every afternoon. They are exercised either in our indoor or outdoor schools. In good weather they are turned out in our paddocks. We are available when it comes to veterinary care and our very skilled farrier or Dentist. 24 hour supervision.