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Both my girls have been riding at Roundknowe for about 9/10 years and have had their own horses stables here for years now, Roundknowe is a great friendly yard and the staff are always onhand and very helpful, we wouldn’t stable our horses any where else. The girls love the jump days/nights and all competitions that the yard has throughout the year.

My daughter learned to ride at Roundknowe starting in2014 and is now the proud owner of clover who is a beautiful Gypsy Cob and is still enjoying riding and taking lessons at a higher level and enjoying lots of days out to the beach , events and hacking , has made lots of new friends over the years and proud to be part of Team Roundknowe xx

I have fond memories of my riding lessons at Roundknow Farm when I was in School

Lessons at roundknove farm are great i love this livery ponies and horses are stunning from ellie lauter

Love riding here xx

Very beautiful scenery in this website

Heard many good things about Roundknowe Farm so i've now booked my first lesson on weds. Excited is not the word!

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